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BP R&D Project


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Well depth = 1422'
Perforations = 1329' to 1359'
Casing = 4 1/2'
Water Production is estimated to be 3-5 bbls per day.???
Specific Gravity = 1.01609
pH = 6.68 s.u.
Dissolveds Solids = 49,500 umhos/cm
Shut in standing fluid level = 31 ft. over the top perf

   req.gif (850 bytes)Note: The August Spreadsheet will reflect an  "average" over a period which includes compressor downtimes, etc.,not related to Solamotor operations. Actual current numbers or average runs between 140 and 200.

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R & D Project is designed to:

Provide a cost effective method for removing the water from this well. The Solamotor application is designed for the paticular depth and engineered to produce 3 bbls per day (.4 gpm).

The application will use an especially designed pump jack providing an 18 inch stroke, powered by 12 VDC, the source for which will be supplied by 8 , 85 W, Photovoltaic Panels. Power storage will be provided by 8, LC16 Trojan 6 VDC batteries.

Initial installation of the R&D Unit was completed on 7/28/03. The "Logbook" will detail in chronological sequence the events leading to present date, to include access to the "spreadsheet".